Introducing an Evolution in
Decentralized & Distributed
Cloud Mining Technology

Experience the simplicity of mining blockchain technologies with our state-of-the-art masternode hardware and software configuration. Developed by Syntropy, the creators of the world's first successful proof-of-stake mining platform, with decades of engineering, cloud services and security experience.




Our first of a kind, state-of-the-art, proof-of-stake mining rig, decentralized and ready to form a bridge to a fully distributed presence.

Technical Specs

  1. Decentralized
  2. Private and Secure
  3. 4,096 Bit Encryption
  4. Multiple Nodes per machine
  5. Multiple Levels of Rewards
  6. 24/7 Technical Support
  7. Community Leadership Access
  8. Syntropy Governance Seat

And much more!

Join the AXIOM Revolution

Become the bridge to a new world between current centralization and a world that is totally distributed using AXIOM technology built and backed by Syntropy. Come along on our journey and let's build our new distributed economy together.

The Worlds First Decentralized
Proof-of-Stake Mining Rig

Inviting blockchain enthusiasts for a strategic partnership in the transforming the cryptocurrency mining space.

Reward Streams

Each Axiom deployment  will build up multiple streams of digital assets using Syntropy’s proprietary Cloud Mining Platform.

Engineering Automation

Unique algorithm, software bots, and AI to magnify and compound mining results.

Super Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency that matters. Consume less than .004% the amount of the power needed by old legacy mining.

Permanent Seeds

Each will become the permanent seeds for the next phase of a much wider global presence…. And a fully distributed network.

Zero IT Skills Needed

Just plug into your internet connection and we do the rest. Set it and forget it!

Private and Secure

Each machine is extremely private and protected by 7 levels of encryption and security.

Days till launch - join the list and reserve your machine now.

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Limited to 111 machines

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